May long weekend

Keith Smith is graciously hosting the May spring weekend out of town ride this year. He invites all members of the club to participate in a great weekend of cycling in the Cornwall area. He will be offering a variety of rides on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday (May 18, 19 & 20) of the long weekend to satisfy those who want to go a sensible distance or those who might want to put on a few extra km’s.

Keith has put together more than 2000km of ride loops for Cornwall Tourism. You can view them here. All the loops are considered flat, the distances will be determined by the DCC members who come out for the weekend. There will be a predetermined start point and everyone should be able to lunch together whether they do a long or short loop.

Everyone will be booking their own accommodations, please take into account that if you want to do the Saturday morning ride you will need to arrive on the evening of the 17th.

The following accommodations are recommended:

First Canada Inns $90-95 per night or $110 for a cabin (bikes in room OK)

Best Western at $140 per night

Howard Johnston’s at $80 per night.

The above hotels are all within walking distance to Keith’s place with lots of nearby places to eat and a Metro grocery store.

Good facilities for camping available at Long Sault Parkway.

Many more accommodations available here.

If you are looking for a great weekend of cycling and socializing with the DCC make sure to book a spot.

Do you have any questions about the weekend and/or the rides? Email Keith at

RSVP: If you are planning to go please let Keith know by email at