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YRCC Picnic 2019

Meet at: Shopping Plaza 11710 Yonge St., park north of Starbucks and east of Canadian Tire

Date: Aug 25

Departure Time: 930am

Tour Host: Derek

Ride Length: 65 km

The York Region Cycling Coalition has invited us, and other clubs, to enjoy a free, summer picnic at Pinecrest Farms on Weston Road. Take a leisurely ride there and back and enjoy plenty of good food and drink as well as chatting with fellow cyclists you may not normally meet.

Map & Turns: View, Print or Download the map here.

.gps files: To obtain gps files from RWGPS. When on the site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab to find gps files. At the bottom of the export column links can be found for information on downloading files to various Garmins.

To see who has signed up please click here

Meet at: Orono Park, turn west onto Station street from Main St. then left onto Leigh St. in Orono, you will see the Orono Park sign.

Date: July 29, 2018

Departure Times: 160 km at 7:00 am, 100 km at 8:00 am. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time for your ride.

The routes are not marked, so if possible please download the route to your Garmin when the routes are finalized. You will receive confirmation of the final routes by email before the ride. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the route before the ride. Printed maps will be distributed at the ride.

.gps files: Go to RWGPS maps displayed below, click on “view full route”, when you are on the RWGPS site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab. TCX files are commonly used with most Garmins

Printable maps and turns:160 km or 100 km. Please note that these maps will be updated during the week before the Century to reflect unforeseen road closures. All participants will receive an email with links to the final route maps and files before the ride.

Sag Support: Sag support is provided at various locations (see below). In addition Eric Wagenaar (905-260-0676) will be available for minor mechanical repairs and if necessary to ferry riders and bikes back to Orono Park.

160 km lunch: The lunch stop for the 160 km riders will be the parking lot at the Diane Hamre (Newcastle) recreation complex. If you wish you may pack a lunch and leave it with the 160 km sag support vehicle.

Orono Park Swimming Pool: The swimming pool will be open with a $4.50 admission charge.

Open drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the Park.

A lunch will be provided for all participants and volunteers after the ride. An area in the park with picnic tables has been reserved for the DCC.

Fee to help cover picnic and sag support: $10.00

Please note that routes and sag stops are subject to change up until the ride date. When the routes are finalized participants will receive an email with links to the final route maps and RWGPS files.

What to bring:
Two full water bottles
Sun screen
$10 for sag support (please check in and pay Eric W. at the park), $4.50 for swimming pool admission
Towel and swimming suit
Refreshments for after the ride
160 km riders may pack a light lunch to leave with the sag wagon
If you wish you may bring snacks or desserts to share at the picnic after the ride
Picnic tables are available but you may consider bringing your own chair for after the ride

Many thanks to volunteers Don Blainey, Cliff Bruton, Morgan Dever, Tom Moffat, Mark Newbigging and Sharon Welsh for making this event happen.

100 km sag support stops:
39 km Diane Hamre (Newcastle) Rec Complex (washroom) Morgan & Don
72 km Pit Rd and Line 4 (no washroom) Morgan & Don

160 km sag support stops:
42 km Ashburn Park (port-a-potty) Sharon & Mark
79 km Courtice Community Centre (washroom) Eric
100 km Diane Hamre (Newcastle) Rec Complex (washroom) Sharon & Mark
134 km Pit Rd and Line 4 (no washroom) Morgan & Don

Century Preparation

Are you ready?

Physical and mental preparation are essential to completing a century ride. This applies to those of you who have already completed a (100Km) century and those who still aspire to such a goal. Since joining the club in 1999, I have completed several centuries of different distances, including the last (6) club centuries.

While I do not consider myself an expert in long distance riding, the completion of, (26) 100+, (6) 160+, (2) 200+ and (1) 300+ Km rides since 1999, there are a few things that I can pass along.

Expectations: Do not set your goal(s) too high, otherwise, it can have an adverse effect by being disappointed or “turned-off,” by not completing what you set out to accomplish. Ride within your own capabilities.
Fitness: For most of us, winter training/exercise is common, however, for those of you who wait until spring and the new riding season to gain their fitness; this hampers your ability to ride longer distances earlier in the season. A good cardio/aerobic base to start the season is an advantage some riders have over some of the others.
Progression: A steady progression is recommended, especially for the novice rider or those who only cycle up to 40-50Km per ride. Again, ride within your own capabilities.Try to increase your riding distances by, approximately 10%-20% after 2-3 rides at the shorter distance i.e. 2 x 40Km to 45-50Km, 2 x 50Km to 55-60Km etc.

You will be surprised how quickly your endurance and distances will improve.

Planning: Taking turns at being ride directors, the planning of a ride/route is a major factor in the involvement and enjoyment of our fellow riders for our various rides.Just as important as planning is for others, planning the ride for oneself is essential for the longer and more demanding rides.

Regarding your bicycle, make sure that it is in good/safe working order and that you take the necessary tools and equipment in case of emergencies.

It may be a good idea to have your local bike store or knowledgeable friend to look over your bike prior to the ride i.e. wheels, tires & pressure, brakes & derailleur cables, chain, lubrication etc.

Ride Day: Decide before the ride how far you are willing to cycle and how long it should take. If you plan on 80Km for instance, 18-20 KPH should take approximately, 4-4 1/2 hours. Likewise, 100Km should take approximately 5-5 1/2 hours depending on the weather conditions and terrain.This is not the time for experimenting with equipment and/or apparel. Comfort is essential for completing longer rides and the more comfort, the better the end result.

Rather than think about a 50, 75, 100, 160 or 200Km ride, try to break your ride into 25Km segments. Forget the “big picture,” and work in, “snap shots” which should take your mindset away from a lengthy, “end of the road,” distance. The only problem with this strategy is, after 2-3 segments, you reach a point of, “no return” and your 50 or 75Km becomes a 100 or 150Km ride. Remember, plan ahead.

For those riding the longer distances, patience and pacing yourself could be a factor in completion of the ride. Depending on your abilities, choose a pace (KPH) that suits you.

Taking smaller (10-15 min.) breaks rather than larger (30-40 min.) breaks has its advantages, for not only your momentum, but your body as well. Smaller breaks may prevent the “build-up” of lactic acid in your muscles, whereas longer breaks create muscle stiffness and it takes longer to get back into a “groove.”

Hydration: This cannot be emphasized enough. Whether it is a short or long ride, keeping your body well hydrated combined with appropriate snacking, is essential for the completion of your ride. While cold water is thirst quenching and refreshing, it is not as effective as the various sports drinks that are available. If sports drinks are not your favorite, it can be diluted with some water.Appropriate snacking is an individual choice and what works for you, however, avoid eating “fatty” foods or those that cannot be digested properly. “No fish & chips.”
Completion: No matter what the distance, enjoy the day and your accomplishments. Better still, enjoy a well-deserved beer(s) as you watch the later riders arrive.

Ian Cardey

Peterborough County Ride

Meet at: Rheman Christian School Television Road & Parkhill Road Peterborough

Date: Oct 1

Departure Time: 9:00am

Tour Host: Tom Blainey

Ride Length: 87 km

Easy scenic ride through the rolling hills of Peterborough County, stopping at the beautiful McCracken’s Landing for world famous banana bread. returning along side the Otonabee River. Perhaps a quick lunch at the Ashburnham Ale House.

Map & Turns: View, Print or Download the 87km map here.

.gps files: Click 87 km to obtain gps files from RWGPS. When on the site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab to find gps files. At the bottom of the export column links can be found for information on downloading files to various Garmins.

Photo Quest

Meet at: Ashburn Park (west side of Ashburn Rd., just north of Myrtle Rd.) in Ashburn. PLEASE NOTE:The sign for Ashburn Park is missing so look for a long gravel driveway with trees on both sides leading west off of Ashburn Rd about 300 metres north of Myrtle Rd.

Date: September 9.

Departure Time: 8:30 am

Tour Host: Richard.

Ride Length: At least 60 km

This is a fun ride. Teams of riders will be given a list of everyday things we see on our rides to take photos of. After being assigned to ride North, South, East or West, teams will decide on the best route to achieve their photos. You are requested to bring a fully charged camera and a download cable. Ride length is at least 60 km. After we’ll meet at Hoops (Taunton and Salem) Ajax at around noon where teams will be scored and judged on their photos.

Remember saftey first, no taking photos from the bike and try to avoid unsafe roads.

Map: No map for this ride, teams will make up their own route as they go.

Roman Manko Memorial Ride and Picnic 2018

Roman Manko

Welcome to the 4th annual DCC – Roman Manko Memorial Ride and Picnic.

Roman was DCC’s president in 2014-2015 and a popular, dedicated member of our club who was taken from us suddenly due to a cycling accident.

Once again, a great thank you to Glyn and Alice Walters for allowing us the use of their property for this event.

Sign up for the ride is mandatory. Please do so by May 31st.

We are asking those attending to contribute to our meal with salad, dessert or even your favorite dish! Bring this food in a cooler as refrigerated storage is not available. The club will supply deli meats, buns, condiments, coffee, cream and sugar.

Click here to sign up and indicate what you can contribute to the picnic. A separate window will open to a spreadsheet.

On the day of the event, please drive up to the barn to drop off your cooler, chairs and bikes then go back down the driveway to park on either side of the driveway at the bottom of the hill.  Prior to departure there will be a few words of thanks at 10:00 am. Please arrive on time so this quiet moment is not disturbed.

In an effort to reduce garbage and do our part to protect our environment, the committee asks that club members bring the following items: plates, cutlery, napkins, serving utensils for your dish and whatever you would like to drink for the meal (alcohol is permitted if you wish); also lawn chairs. Following the meal, recycling and garbage bins will be available for cleanup.

Club members are asked to assist with clean up. Please note the event will end between 3:30 and 4:00 pm.

In the event of rainy weather, should the ride portion of the event be cancelled, a notice will be posted on the club website by 8:00 am on the day of the event. We expect the picnic portion will go forward and will post details of the change at the time the decision is made.

We look forward to a great turnout for this special event!

The Picnic Committee