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Cyclist Of The Year Award

We are nearing the end of the cycling season and it is time to think about who deserves the Cyclist of the Year award.

The cyclist of the year is a person who is voted on by all members of the club, for their contribution to the 2018 cycling season.

Some of the reasons you might vote for that person are:

  • Attendance (they were dedicated and showed up to all or most of the rides).
  • Guidance (they were always there to help in any way).
  • Friendship (they were friendly to other riders/ made new riders welcome).
  • Attitude (always had a positive attitude).
  • Helpful (willing to assist others if they had problems with their bike etc.).
  • Or any other reason that you might think made that person stand out among others.

To Vote:

  •  Email your choice to Wayne:
  • Or vote for your choice via ballot at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Or fill out the form below.

The award will be handed out at the annual banquet in November.