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200K in a Day Courtice to Bath

Do you have the mojo to cycle 200 kilometres? That’s right, 200 km from Courtice to Bath, Ontario, all one way going east with a nice breeze behind our backs. This ride takes us through some of the nicest scenery in the province. Ride through Port Hope and Cobourg and stop for lunch in Brighton, cycle  through Prince Edward County and take the free Glenora ferry across the water to the Loyalist Parkway, this ride has it all. We will finish at The Loyalist Golf & Country Club in Bath, and after a well deserved shower and lunch, we will be whisked back to Courtice in a school bus. Please bring an old blanket to help pack your bike in the bus. Tom & Cliff will drive the SAG vehicle and provide water, eload, gummies, bananas & watermelon. Bring a change of clothes and shoes for the bus ride back, as well as your own food for the ride. There is a limit of 20 riders for this ride and you must be a registered member in good standing. Please be serious when you sign up because space is limited. So get training today and join us for a great time. Special thanks to Cliff Bruton & Tom Moffatt for making this ride a reality this year. Email Cliff for more information.

Meet at: Courtice Community Centre on Courtice Rd. between hwy#2 and Nash rd.

Date: July 13

Departure Time: 6:00 am

Tour Host: Cliff Bruton & Tom Moffatt

Ride Length: 206 km

Print/view the map here.



YRCC Picnic 2019

Meet at: Shopping Plaza 11710 Yonge St., park north of Starbucks and east of Canadian Tire

Date: Aug 25

Departure Time: 930am

Tour Host: Derek

Ride Length: 65 km

The York Region Cycling Coalition has invited us, and other clubs, to enjoy a free, summer picnic at Pinecrest Farms on Weston Road. Take a leisurely ride there and back and enjoy plenty of good food and drink as well as chatting with fellow cyclists you may not normally meet.

Map & Turns: View, Print or Download the map here.

.gps files: To obtain gps files from RWGPS. When on the site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab to find gps files. At the bottom of the export column links can be found for information on downloading files to various Garmins.

Ride Don’t Hide Newmarket


Meet at: S/W Parking Lot Upper Canada Mall, Newmarket

Date: June 24

Start Time: Registration opens at 700am. Includes breakfast, your choice of route, BBQ lunch, entertainments, awesome swag, and of course a t-shirt.

Click here for event details

DCC Team Captain: Glyn Walters.

For additional information, contact Glyn at

Join: Durham Cycling Club click here

Distance: 60km, 100km

Registration Fee: $65 with coupon code CYCLEGTA3

Route Features: Each route is well marked and supported by volunteers. There are water and food stops at various points along the route.

Map & Turns: 60km 100km

Sir Gabalot Saturday Relaxed Ride

Meet at: Saint Paul Catholic School, 200 Garrard Rd., Whitby

Date: Every Saturday April-October

Departure Time: 9:30 am

Tour Host: Group Ride

Ride Length: 40km at a moderate pace, no more than 23 kph.


Click Here to sign-up (not required)

Maps & Turns: Print/view the map & turns click here.

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Thursday Twilight Cruise


Meet at: Staples Whitby N/E corner of Taunton and Garden in Whitby. PARK IN THE SPORT CHEK PLAZA PARKING LOT NEAR  HOME SENSE & STAPLES

Date: Every Thursday May-Sept

Departure Time: 6 PM

Tour Host: Tom Blainey

Ride Length: Ride ride length to be 33-45 km depending on sunset time. Post ride refreshments at The Royal Oak pub in same plaza.

Click below for turn by turn maps

33km, 33km, 38km, 38km, 45km

.gps files: Click below for RWGPS Map

33km33km, 38km, 38km, 45km


Peterborough County Ride

Meet at: Rheman Christian School Television Road & Parkhill Road Peterborough

Date: Oct 1

Departure Time: 9:00am

Tour Host: Tom Blainey

Ride Length: 87 km

Easy scenic ride through the rolling hills of Peterborough County, stopping at the beautiful McCracken’s Landing for world famous banana bread. returning along side the Otonabee River. Perhaps a quick lunch at the Ashburnham Ale House.

Map & Turns: View, Print or Download the 87km map here.

.gps files: Click 87 km to obtain gps files from RWGPS. When on the site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab to find gps files. At the bottom of the export column links can be found for information on downloading files to various Garmins.

Photo Quest

Meet at: Ashburn Park (west side of Ashburn Rd., just north of Myrtle Rd.) in Ashburn. PLEASE NOTE:The sign for Ashburn Park is missing so look for a long gravel driveway with trees on both sides leading west off of Ashburn Rd about 300 metres north of Myrtle Rd.

Date: September 9.

Departure Time: 8:30 am

Tour Host: Richard.

Ride Length: At least 60 km

This is a fun ride. Teams of riders will be given a list of everyday things we see on our rides to take photos of. After being assigned to ride North, South, East or West, teams will decide on the best route to achieve their photos. You are requested to bring a fully charged camera and a download cable. Ride length is at least 60 km. After we’ll meet at Hoops (Taunton and Salem) Ajax at around noon where teams will be scored and judged on their photos.

Remember saftey first, no taking photos from the bike and try to avoid unsafe roads.

Map: No map for this ride, teams will make up their own route as they go.

Roman Manko Memorial Ride and Picnic 2018

Roman Manko

Welcome to the 4th annual DCC – Roman Manko Memorial Ride and Picnic.

Roman was DCC’s president in 2014-2015 and a popular, dedicated member of our club who was taken from us suddenly due to a cycling accident.

Once again, a great thank you to Glyn and Alice Walters for allowing us the use of their property for this event.

Sign up for the ride is mandatory. Please do so by May 31st.

We are asking those attending to contribute to our meal with salad, dessert or even your favorite dish! Bring this food in a cooler as refrigerated storage is not available. The club will supply deli meats, buns, condiments, coffee, cream and sugar.

Click here to sign up and indicate what you can contribute to the picnic. A separate window will open to a spreadsheet.

On the day of the event, please drive up to the barn to drop off your cooler, chairs and bikes then go back down the driveway to park on either side of the driveway at the bottom of the hill.  Prior to departure there will be a few words of thanks at 10:00 am. Please arrive on time so this quiet moment is not disturbed.

In an effort to reduce garbage and do our part to protect our environment, the committee asks that club members bring the following items: plates, cutlery, napkins, serving utensils for your dish and whatever you would like to drink for the meal (alcohol is permitted if you wish); also lawn chairs. Following the meal, recycling and garbage bins will be available for cleanup.

Club members are asked to assist with clean up. Please note the event will end between 3:30 and 4:00 pm.

In the event of rainy weather, should the ride portion of the event be cancelled, a notice will be posted on the club website by 8:00 am on the day of the event. We expect the picnic portion will go forward and will post details of the change at the time the decision is made.

We look forward to a great turnout for this special event!

The Picnic Committee