East vs West

This is a fun race and not to be taken seriously, please be careful on the roads! The concept of the race is to pick a side (east or west) and go to the meeting spot for that side. Everyone will leave at the same time from both locations (co-ordinated by Steve and Mark). When the two fastest riders from each side meet they will stop and record their distances and average speed. When the second fastest riders meet they will do the same and the event will continue until there are no pairs left. We will then continue to White Feather for Lunch. Mark will tabulate the results and declare the winner. More detailed instructions are available on the turn by turn’s available below.

Date: October 16

Departure Time:10:00 am

Ride Length: About 60K

Tour Hosts: Mark & Steve


Meet at: Courtice Community Centre, west side of Courtice Rd just north of #2 hwy.

Click here to print east turn by turns and rules of the race. (Revised Oct. 7)


Meet at: Pickering High School, west side of Church, north of Kingston Rd.

Click here to print west turn by turns and rules of the race.