Flat or Hilly Hampton to Newcastle/Burketon

Meet at: M J Hobbs P.S., N/W corner of Taunton and King Lane in Hampton

Date: August 4

Departure Time: 8:00

Tour Host: Cliff

Ride Lengths: 80 km flat/82 km hilly

Two 80 km rides, one is hilly, one is relatively flat (812 m vs 409 m).  The hilly stops at Blackstock for a break, the flat takes a break at Tim Horton’s in Newcastle.

Because some roads are closed for the Mosport long weekend race, the previous Hilly ride to Orono had to be heavily modified and is not as hilly. Cliff apologizes for the elevation shortage.

Printable Maps & Turns: Hampton to Burketon Hilly 82 km or Hampton to Newcastle Flat 80 km

.gps files: Click here (80 km flat) or here (82 km hilly) to obtain gps files from RWGPS. When on the site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab to find gps files. At the bottom of the export column links can be found for information on downloading files to various Garmins.