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200K in a Day Courtice to Bath

Do you have the mojo to cycle 200 kilometres? That’s right, 200 km from Courtice to Bath, Ontario, all one way going east with a nice breeze behind our backs. This ride takes us through some of the nicest scenery in the province. Ride through Port Hope and Cobourg and stop for lunch in Brighton, cycle  through Prince Edward County and take the free Glenora ferry across the water to the Loyalist Parkway, this ride has it all. We will finish at The Loyalist Golf & Country Club in Bath, and after a well deserved shower and lunch, we will be whisked back to Courtice in a school bus. Please bring an old blanket to help pack your bike in the bus. Tom & Cliff will drive the SAG vehicle and provide water, eload, gummies, bananas & watermelon. Bring a change of clothes and shoes for the bus ride back, as well as your own food for the ride. There is a limit of 20 riders for this ride and you must be a registered member in good standing. Please be serious when you sign up because space is limited. So get training today and join us for a great time. Special thanks to Cliff Bruton & Tom Moffatt for making this ride a reality this year. Email Cliff for more information.

Meet at: Courtice Community Centre on Courtice Rd. between hwy#2 and Nash rd.

Date: July 13

Departure Time: 6:00 am

Tour Host: Cliff Bruton & Tom Moffatt

Ride Length: 206 km

Print/view the map here.



Tuesday Tour from Courtice

Meet at: Courtice North P.S. on south side of Nash Rd about 1 km west of Courtice Rd. Please park in WEST parking lot of school.

Date: Every Tuesday evening

Departure Time: 6:00 PM

Tour Host: Ellen or Eric

Ride Length: 25 to 45 km, varies according to amount of daylight available.

Route will follow variations of the map available for printing/viewing here. Ride will have regroups as needed but no stop for coffee during the ride.

Bakery run to Orono

Meet at: Courtice Community Centre on Courtice Rd. between hwy#2 and Nash rd.

Date: November 17

Departure Time: 9 am

Tour Host: Cliff

Ride Length: 58 km

Ride to Orono with a stop at the Bakery. This ride has easy elevation, a mere 333m or 1090 ft over 58k.

Map & Turns: To print/view map & turns click here.

.gps files: Go to Ride with gps view below, click on “view full route”, when you are on the RWGPS site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab. At the bottom of the export tab you can find links to pages for information on how to download files to your garmin.

50 km CCC to McDonalds/Newcastle

Meet at: Courtice Community Centre on Courtice Rd. between Hwy 2 and Nash Rd.

Date: Friday April 3 (Please note: moved from Saturday)

Departure Time: 10:00 am (new time)

Tour Host: Eric

Ride Length: 50 km (can be easily shortened for those who would like a shorter distance).

Welcome spring by coming out for an easy spin. Not too much elevation. Stopping at McDonalds for a break.

Map & Turns: View, Print or Download the map here.

.gps files: Click here to obtain gps files from RWGPS. When on the site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab to find gps files. At the bottom of the export column links can be found for information on downloading files to various Garmins.