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Courtice-Tyrone-Newcastle-Bowmanville 64 km

Meet at: West end of parking lot at Kingsway Village Plaza, N/W corner of King St. and Townline Rd. in Oshawa

Date: November 18

Departure Time: 9:30 am

Tour Host: Roman

Ride Length: 64km

We take the scenic route to MacDonalds in Newcastle

Map & Turns: Click here to print or view the map and turns.

.gps files: Go to Ride with gps views below, click on “view full route”, when you are on the RWGPS site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab. At the bottom of the export tab you can find links to pages for information on how to download files to your garmin.


CCC to McDonalds

Meet at: Courtice Community Centre on Courtice Rd. between Hwy 2 and Nash Rd.

Date: April 9

Departure Time: 9:30 am

Tour Host: Cliff

Ride Length: 60 km

Get your legs warmed up on this ride or just come out for an easy spin. Not too much elevation. Stopping at McDonalds for a break.

Map & Turns: View, Print or Download the map here.

.gps files: Click here to obtain gps files from RWGPS. When on the site open “overview” tab, then “export” tab to find gps files. At the bottom of the export column links can be found for information on downloading files to various Garmins.