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Quickie to Annina’s

Start: Claremont Memorial Park

Distance: 40 KM

Tour Host: Derek Lee

Time:  9:30 AM

Turns: Click here.

Thanksgiving Special Ride

Date: Friday October 11                Start Time: 1 PM

Start Location:

Join Tom Moffat for a relaxed Pace Ride from Newcastle to Port Hope. On this Thanksgiving Weekend special, we will ride as a group while this great weather lasts. No map, just follow Tom! Approx. 50-60 km.

Nestleton to Lindsay

Join Rob as he takes you on a tour to Lindsay for a coffee.

Date: October 6

Time: 9:30 AM

Start: Nestleton Community Centre

3971 ON-7A, Nestleton Station, ON L0B 1L0

Ride Length: 79 km

RWGPS Turn By Turn: Click Here

Ups and Downs

Date: Sunday Sept 29

Start location:  Kedron Park, 426 Britannia Ave E, Oshawa, ON L1L 1B7

Start Time:   9:30 AM

This ride really has it’s Ups & Downs. Ride to Burketon Station for a snack at Stack’s Grill.

Click here for turn by turn directions.

Pickering Annina’s 75

Date: Sunday Sept. 15

Start Point: Independent Plaza – Dixie & Finch, Pickering

Start Time: 9 AM

Ride to Annina’s for delicious snacks and downhill all the way home.

Click here for turn by turns.


Fionn’s Ride

Meet at: Fionn’s Restaurant,

Corner of Green Road & Hwy 2, Bomanville

Park between LCBO and Winners

Date: Oct 27

Start Time: 9:30 AM

Route: 67 km

Route Features: Ride from Fionn’s Restaurant owned by DCC members Tracy & Carl Allred. After 67 km through Clarington we go back for some food & drink at Fionn’s. If weather turns sour, we can cut route by 15 km at Concession 3 and Morgans Road.

Map & Turns: Click here

RWGPS: Click on route below.



2019 Ride4 United Way Saturday Post Ride

Meet at: Casino Ajax

Date: Aug 31

Start Time: 9 AM

Route: 56 km

Route Features: Easy pace to Hy Hope Farms for a coffee and butter tart, open to ALL DCC members and registered UnitedWay riders.

Join us for a fun and relaxing but slightly challenging bike ride this coming long weekend. If you’re in town, join us for a 56K ride from Casino Ajax and Ajax Downs up to Hy-Hope farms for a slightly easier return to the Casino. (It is mostly downhill on the way back).

We’ll make a  stop at Hy-Hope Farms (And Bakery) for a coffee, tart or water.  (Approx. at the halfway mark) We’ll stay in groups as the course will not be signed. GPS is available.  No one will get dropped. Please bring full water bottles to the start. There is no fee or charge, but we ask you to please sign up (it’s easy and quick) so that we can project for group size and potential pace and communicate any updates regarding weather, course etc.

All riders will receive a $10 slot play voucher. We will require all participants to sign a waiver when we start. We are grateful to Ajax Downs and Casino Ajax for their support of this event and the United Way of Durham Region

Map & Turns: Click here

RWGPS: Click on route below.

Click here for event details and to sign up.


Group Riding Safety Update


By now I am sure that most of you have heard about our Tuesday night crash a few weeks ago which unfortunately resulted in some of the riders sustaining injuries.

WHAT HAPPENED – Our group was doing a spirited echelon on Hwy 2 east of Newcastle and the word went out, “Keep it around 40kph”. When riders checked their speed wheels touched and the result was a number of riders going down.

WHAT DO WE LEARN FROM THIS? – The key to riding in a group whether it be a social pace line, pace line or echelon is to maintain a steady constant effort, speed has absolutely nothing to do with it. That effort will increase when climbing and it is up to the strongest riders to keep the group together and not go charging ahead. On gradual descents the leaders should not quit pedalling, those behind are already on their brakes, so keep pedaling with light effort. AND, because you are not looking at speed you can place your full attention to the bikes in front of you.

SPEED on your GPS/ Bike Computer – When I ask riders who are buying computers what they want it for nearly everyone has the same answer, “I want to see how fast I am going”, I have never had anyone say “I want to see how slow I am going” yet that’s when they should be looking at their computer, not when they are going fast. If I ask what’s the benefit of knowing your speed most have no answer, some have a pre-conceived number as to what their maximum speed should be and brake when they reach that number. That number too means nothing, there are some bikes that are unstable at 35kph and others comfortable at twice that speed. The key is to descend at a speed that you feel comfortable with on your bike and forget whatever number that corresponds to, DON’T LOOK AT THE SPEED.

MY GPS DISPLAY – Of the 3 pages on my GPS none display speed, front and centre at the top of the page is Heart Rate, ideally it would be Power but power meters are expensive, heart rate is the next best thing. The other items on my main page are Cadence, Distance, Time and % Grade. Yes, when I am struggling up that hill with my heart rate way up I want to how steep it is, and I don’t really want to know how slow I am going, all I know is that it’s slow enough for me to look at my computer. When I stop or download my GPS at the end of the ride it displays Maximum Speed, Average Speed etc. and all the details I don’t need to know when I’m on the bike.

IN SHORT – At the DCC kick off I mentioned that speed was Irrelevant. I’d like to add to that, “Checking your speed is not only Irrelevant it’s a Detriment, forget about it, ENJOY YOUR RIDE”.


Vio’s Fun BBQ Ride

Meet at: Vio & Liliana’s House

2270, Durham Regional Road 3 (old Concession Rd. 8), Enniskillen, L0B 1J 0

Date: July 28

Departure Time: 8:30 am

Tour Host: Vio Moraru

Ride Length: 75 KM

Starting at Vio’s house, BBQ picnic to follow.

Bring lawn chairs BYOB. Vio to BBQ Hamburgers & Hotdogs.

Please click here to sign up for this ride so Vio knows how much food he needs.


Map & Turns: Details to follow

.gps files: Click below to obtain gps files from RWGPS. Click here for information on downloading files to various Garmins.

200K in a Day Courtice to Bath

Do you have the mojo to cycle 200 kilometres? That’s right, 200 km from Courtice to Bath, Ontario, all one way going east with a nice breeze behind our backs. This ride takes us through some of the nicest scenery in the province. Ride through Port Hope and Cobourg and stop for lunch in Brighton, cycle  through Prince Edward County and take the free Glenora ferry across the water to the Loyalist Parkway, this ride has it all. We will finish at The Loyalist Golf & Country Club in Bath, and after a well deserved shower and lunch, we will be whisked back to Courtice in a school bus. Please bring an old blanket to help pack your bike in the bus. Tom & Cliff will drive the SAG vehicle and provide water, eload, gummies, bananas & watermelon. Bring a change of clothes and shoes for the bus ride back, as well as your own food for the ride. There is a limit of 20 riders for this ride and you must be a registered member in good standing. Please be serious when you sign up because space is limited. So get training today and join us for a great time. Special thanks to Cliff Bruton & Tom Moffatt for making this ride a reality this year. Email Cliff for more information.

Meet at: Courtice Community Centre on Courtice Rd. between hwy#2 and Nash rd.

Date: July 13

Departure Time: 6:00 am

Tour Host: Cliff Bruton & Tom Moffatt

Ride Length: 206 km

Print/view the map here.