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Group Riding Safety Update


By now I am sure that most of you have heard about our Tuesday night crash a few weeks ago which unfortunately resulted in some of the riders sustaining injuries.

WHAT HAPPENED – Our group was doing a spirited echelon on Hwy 2 east of Newcastle and the word went out, “Keep it around 40kph”. When riders checked their speed wheels touched and the result was a number of riders going down.

WHAT DO WE LEARN FROM THIS? – The key to riding in a group whether it be a social pace line, pace line or echelon is to maintain a steady constant effort, speed has absolutely nothing to do with it. That effort will increase when climbing and it is up to the strongest riders to keep the group together and not go charging ahead. On gradual descents the leaders should not quit pedalling, those behind are already on their brakes, so keep pedaling with light effort. AND, because you are not looking at speed you can place your full attention to the bikes in front of you.

SPEED on your GPS/ Bike Computer – When I ask riders who are buying computers what they want it for nearly everyone has the same answer, “I want to see how fast I am going”, I have never had anyone say “I want to see how slow I am going” yet that’s when they should be looking at their computer, not when they are going fast. If I ask what’s the benefit of knowing your speed most have no answer, some have a pre-conceived number as to what their maximum speed should be and brake when they reach that number. That number too means nothing, there are some bikes that are unstable at 35kph and others comfortable at twice that speed. The key is to descend at a speed that you feel comfortable with on your bike and forget whatever number that corresponds to, DON’T LOOK AT THE SPEED.

MY GPS DISPLAY – Of the 3 pages on my GPS none display speed, front and centre at the top of the page is Heart Rate, ideally it would be Power but power meters are expensive, heart rate is the next best thing. The other items on my main page are Cadence, Distance, Time and % Grade. Yes, when I am struggling up that hill with my heart rate way up I want to how steep it is, and I don’t really want to know how slow I am going, all I know is that it’s slow enough for me to look at my computer. When I stop or download my GPS at the end of the ride it displays Maximum Speed, Average Speed etc. and all the details I don’t need to know when I’m on the bike.

IN SHORT – At the DCC kick off I mentioned that speed was Irrelevant. I’d like to add to that, “Checking your speed is not only Irrelevant it’s a Detriment, forget about it, ENJOY YOUR RIDE”.


Vio’s Fun BBQ Ride

Meet at: Vio & Liliana’s House

2270, Durham Regional Road 3 (old Concession Rd. 8), Enniskillen, L0B 1J 0

Date: July 28

Departure Time: 8:30 am

Tour Host: Vio Moraru

Ride Length: 75 KM

Starting at Vio’s house, BBQ picnic to follow.

Bring lawn chairs BYOB. Vio to BBQ Hamburgers & Hotdogs.

Please click here to sign up for this ride so Vio knows how much food he needs.


Map & Turns: Details to follow

.gps files: Click below to obtain gps files from RWGPS. Click here for information on downloading files to various Garmins.

Ottawa Summer Weekend


Meet at: Algonquin College Residence & Conference Centre

1385 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean

Park in Lot 10 – need permit

Date: July 5-7

Tour Host: Tom Blainey

Friday Ride: 24 KM – 5 PM

Saturday Ride: 84 or 63 KM – 9 AM

Sunday Ride: 30 or 65 KM – 8:30 AM

We will ride directly from the college each morning.

Click Here for turn-by-turns:

Friday Turns

Saturday 85K Turns 

Saturday  65K Turns

Sunday 65K Gatineau

Sunday 30K Sightseeing

Roman Manko Memorial Ride & Picnic 2019

Roman Manko

Welcome to the 5th annual DCC – Roman Manko Memorial Ride and Picnic. Once again its a pot luck format.

Roman was DCC’s president in 2014-2015 and a popular, dedicated member of our club who was taken from us suddenly due to a cycling accident.

Once again, a great thank you to Glyn and Alice Walters for allowing us the use of their property for this event.

We are asking those attending to contribute to our meal with salad, dessert or even your favorite dish! Bring this food in a cooler as refrigerated storage is not available. The club will supply  condiments, coffee, cream and sugar.

Click here to sign up and indicate what you can contribute to the picnic. A separate window will open to a spreadsheet.

On the day of the event, please drive up to the barn to drop off your cooler, chairs and bikes then go back down the driveway to park on either side of the driveway at the bottom of the hill.

Click Here for Map & Turns

You are welcome to bring drinks for the meal (alcohol is permitted if you wish); also lawn chairs. Following the meal, recycling and garbage bins will be available for cleanup.

Club members are asked to assist with clean up. Please note the event will end between 3:30 and 4:00 pm.

In the event of rainy weather, should the ride portion of the event be cancelled, a notice will be posted on the club website by 8:00 am on the day of the event. We expect the picnic portion will go forward and will post details of the change at the time the decision is made.

We look forward to a great turnout for this special event!

The Picnic Committee


Ride to Annina’s

Start:  Ashburn Park

Time: 8:30 AM

Ride: 54/82 KM – 2 Routes to Annina’s, 82 KM if someone really wants to stretch their legs.


Maps & Turns54 KM   82 KM

.gps files: Click below for RWGPS Map. Click here for information on downloading files to various Garmins.

Click Here to sign up for the ride and to see who is coming. (not mandatory)


Ride of Silence

Meet at: Northview Community Centre, Oshawa

Date: May 15

Departure Time: 7 PM

Ride Length: 10 KM at a slower pace, completely silent.

The Ride of Silence is an international event in memory of cyclists who have been killed or seriously injured on our roads. There is no entry fee.

The mission of the world wide Ride of Silence is to honor bicyclists killed by motorists, promote sharing the road, and provide awareness of bicycling safety.

Put another way…


* To HONOR those who have been injured or killed
* To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here
* To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD

8th Annual Oshawa Ride of Silence Route Map

Ride From Redwood

Meet at: Redwood Ranch 1460 Concession Rd 9, Blackstock

Date: July 21

Departure Time: 8:30 am

Tour Host: Glyn Walters

Ride Length: 59 or 70 KM

Starting at Glyn & Alice Walters ranch.

When driving on Conc 9 east of Townline beware of the enormous pothole on the right about 60 metres from our drive.


Map & Turns: Click here for 59km and here for 70 km

.gps files: Click below to obtain gps files from RWGPS. Click here for information on downloading files to various Garmins.

CCC to Newcastle 2019

Start Point: Courtice Community Complex

Time: 9:30 AM

Distance: 55 & 67 KM

Click Here to sign up for the ride (not required)

Stopping at Tim Horton’s for a break.

Turns: Click Here for 55 KM

Click Here for 67 KM


GPS Files: Click on title of route you wish to ride, then send to device and follow instructions for your device. See help guide here.

Kathy’s Spin For Fun

Spring is near and the anticipation to hit the road is building. I would like to invite members and their spouses or significant others to join me for a Sunday morning spin class while we are waiting for the opportunity to ride out of doors. I will have arranged for us to use the spin room at the health club that I teach at on Sunday March 24th for 11:30 a.m. All you have to do is confirm your attendance with me and let me know how many people are coming. There are 22 bikes available. Once you arrive at the club you will pay a guest fee of $13.50 which includes the taxes. There are not really any change rooms available but there are 3 bathrooms, 2 that have showers. I also have showers at my place. You may however want to come dressed to ride. Afterwards we can go to a local establishment for some food, bevies and the enjoyment of each others company.

When: Sunday March 24th
Time: 11:30 a.m.
I suggest you come a bit early to sign in and set up your bike
Where: NRG4Life 284 Main Street, Uxbridge, Ontario – in Technology Square, last building
Eats: TBD depending upon number of people
RSVP is a must as there are 22 bikes. Either by email  or by text 905-960-2725

Hope to see all the bikes filled with the smiling eager faces of my cycling buddies