Hosting a Ride

Every member should commit to hosting at least one ride a year. By doing so you are sharing the load and at the same time you can have others join you on your favourite ride. There are seven simple steps.

  1. Choose your route. You can plan your own* or select a previous route by clicking on the Routes tab on the website. Find or plan a ride of suitable distance, start location, type and choose a start time based on the general guidelines below.
  2. On the website click on Calendar and select a free date. You can post your ride details by clicking on Post a Ride or emailing the ride details to “”. The ride coordinator will add the ride to the calendar, post the ride details on the website, prepare a printable map and GPS files and send out a mass email ride promotion during the week before the ride date.
  3. A day or so before the ride check out the route for any unforeseen road works, closures or sections where caution may be required. At the start of the ride gather everyone together. Remind them of obeying the rules of the road, club ride etiquette and any last minute route changes or caution areas.
  4. Ensure every new rider has provided a signed waiver. No one can participate in a club ride without having signed a waiver.
  5. Ensure every rider is wearing a helmet.
  6. Have everyone organize themselves into their chosen pace groups and wish them a safe ride.
  7. After the ride ensure every rider is accounted for. If anyone is missing call the person’s cell and if necessary back track the route in case of an accident or mechanical problem. Anyone who leaves their group is responsible for notifying the others of their intention.

*When planning your own ride not from the ride directory, please submit a detailed route plan to the ride coordinator, either a hand drawn map with all roads named or a turn by turn description or create a route on a map program such as Ride With GPS and send the link to the ride coordinator.  The following video (must be signed up with RWGPS to view) details how to plan a route using RWGPS. Avoid dangerous or busy roads. The ride coordinator may modify the route based on safety or other considerations.

General Guidelines

All Rides

  •  Avoid dangerous or busy roads
  • Caution points, such as rail crossings, hazardous turns, etc. should be noted.
  • The start point should have sufficient parking and, preferably, washrooms.

Saturday and Sunday rides

  • Suggested start times for Sunday and Saturday rides are 9 to 10 am in spring and fall; 8 to 9 am in summer. The season for weekend rides runs April to October inclusive.
  • Rides are generally shorter at the beginning of the season gradually increasing in length up to the Century Ride subsequently getting shorter as the as cooler fall weather approaches.
  • Sunday rides are usually split – regular and extended distances. The extended route normally includes most of the regular route and the same rest/snack stop. Single distance Sunday rides are acceptable. Saturday rides are of one distance.
  • Sunday ride start locations are usually within Durham Region, Saturday rides may be started from locations outside of Durham Region.
  • Saturday and Sunday rides generally include a refreshment stop around the midway point of the ride.

Monday to Thursday evening rides

  • Suggested start time is around 6 pm and the evening ride season runs May to Mid-September.
  • The ride distance is adjusted during the season to available daylight hours with the aim of being finished before dusk.
  • The rides are usually run one location for the length of the season. One or a group of tour hosts are in charge for the entire season (with substitute hosts taking charge when the main tour host is absent).