Participating in a Ride

Ride safely! Review the guidelines for Safe Group Riding.

Carry identification and essential information (emergency contacts, health card #).

Whenever an invited guest, newcomer or interested potential new member wants to join a club ride, that person must sign the club waiver.

DEVIATING FROM PLANNED ROUTE. If you plan to deviate from the route you must inform the tour host.

PRINT A MAP. Members are requested to print a map from the ride posting on the website and a copy of the cell phone numbers from the members only area on the site. Guests and newcomers will be sent a RWGPS route link to their phones.

CARRY A CELL PHONE. Club members with cell phones are asked to carry them on club rides. Don’t forget to turn them on. It is advisable to add ride host’s number to your contacts. You can retrieve all members cell phone number from our members area on the DCC site.

START TIME. Remember, start time is when the ride departs. Arrive early enough to allow sufficient time to prepare your bike for the ride.

Please ensure your bike is in good repair and suitable for a distance ride. Always carry a spare tube and a few basic tools.

Riders must carry water and should carry a snack. Proper hydration is essential on any ride.

Use adequate skin protection to prevent sunburn or damage from UV rays.

Signalling your intentions video: